A nimble professional geospatial solutions firm with an international footprint.

MRG GEO is a specialty Geospatial Solutions company with offices in multiple locations across the United States. We have particularly good reach in North and Central America as well as the Caribbean Islands.  The company was founded on the idea of providing highly specialized, cost effective precision mapping and geospatial solutions for engineering, transportation, environmental and industry applications.  This vision continues to be our primary focus as we look toward the future geospatial needs of our expanding client portfolio.

Clients call on us because of our leading-edge technologies coupled with innovative processes. Our professional know-how allows us to provide an agile and flexible solutions approach that match your unique project needs.



From the Caribbean to Central and North America, our professional team helps DOT's and A&E firms with their highway rail, port and aviation projects.

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Emergency Response

MRG GEO stands ready to support emergency personnel at a moments notice with mission-critical functions such as search and rescue, damage assessment and restoration.    

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The MRG GEO team has the experience and technology required to meet the exacting standards and tight schedules of energy infrastructure projects.

State & Local

Our team has  extensive knowledge and experience in providing cost effective geospatial solutions to state, local and tribal government agencies.



Our team has successfully delivered  reliable volumetric calculations for hundreds of landfills, strip mines, reservoirs and stockpiles.



Precision LiDAR and digital imaging services support environmental impact studies, as well as compliance and restoration monitoring.


As deeply committed geospatial professionals, we have a particular vision of the tremendous opportunities that new geospatial technologies and practices bring to bear to the rapidly evolving needs of a digitally-enabled world.

Our promise to our clients is to maintain a profound understanding of their unique needs and the ever changing environment in which they operate so that we can focus on improving and expanding our range of cutting-edge services to keep pace with their needs and expectations.

  • MRG GEO is our go-to company for mapping services in major and high-profile projects. Whether meeting tight schedules or creating high-precision data we know we can trust them to come through.
    — Bill Mercado, Mercado Consultants, Inc.
  • Our firm has worked closely with the professionals at MRG GEO for fifteen years on numerous projects throughout Virginia. They have never failed to deliver quality services, on time and on budget. It is assuring to know that we can count on MRG GEO for the most important of projects.
    — Ralph Clements LS, PS, Gay And Neel, Inc.
  • The team at MRG GEO are great, they provide excellent mapping services with fast turnaround. In fact, we have not used another geospatial services firm since the beggining of our professional relationship.
    — Eric Niskanen, LS & Survey Manager, Carson, Ashley & Associates, Inc.
  • Charlie Smith, has put together an outstanding professional team. It has been a pleasure to work with MRG GEO on various projects throughout Florida and we look forward to many more teaming opportunities.
    — Scot A. Carpenter, PSM, McKim & Creed, Inc.